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I received my first textbook ‘The Elements of Technical Writing’ and went to the school bookstore to get my very first soldiering kit today. I had called the bookstore because the online store said my kit was unavailable and I mispronounced soldiering because I’m nervous. I used to never want to try anything new because I’d get too anxious and was afraid of making mistakes and that extends to going anywhere new or unfamiliar. That was exactly how my day went. I pulled up to the school and the meter had 9 minutes left on it, thankfully since I had no change. (highlight of my day) I had gone to this school 20 years ago and vaguely remembered where the school store was. When I found it I asked the girls at the counter about the kit and worried aloud that maybe I was supposed to have my school ID. I told the girl that I was nervous to start school again. The girl didn’t know what to say and didn’t say anything. She told me to have a nice day.

I also finally turned in my 6 rolls of film, 5 of them being medium format. 😊

Then I went to work to take a test on all the training I’d been doing the past few weeks to certify to become a back up mechanic, I thought, but it turns out it was for line mechanic. I’ve passed all the pre-tests and now I’ve got to take the final test. I was told that they could set me up today or tomorrow but when I got there today, nobody was there. Probably my fault for not confirming I’d be there. I was told to ask around but my stomach was tied in knots and after 30 minutes of looking for the right place, I headed back home. I ran into Tong, one of the mechanics on the way out. We talked shop for a few minutes. Tong is a no nonsense type of guy, despite his Snoopy lanyard that holds his work badge which he explained he bought because it only cost $1. I feel really fortunate that the mechanics have been so supportive of my training.

I got another book ‘Bird by Bird; Some Instructions on Writing and Life’ which I’m kind of excited about. I’ve been reading it and it’s gotten me to actually want to write instead of doing whatever this is. It makes me want to practice and get better but only for me, because I actually enjoy it. It’s certainly not to impress anybody because you’d have to be good at it to be impressive, right? 😏

I edited my Capitol Reef photos today. It was a family trip so a lot of them included my nieces and nephews so there aren’t very many to post.


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