Time Will Tell

I will now go back a month or so before Godzilla-Fest when I first got my 35mm Pentax K1000. I was talked into shooting film by an ornery old, selfie-obsessed, cat-hating Scotsman. He was the first person to interact with me on Twitter and we’ve been smack talking each other ever since. I will never admit this to him, but I really like shooting film.

This was my first set. As I was taking these, I didn’t know if the camera even worked so when I got this first roll back, I was ecstatic. I uploaded them to Twitter that night, and the next day was my 39th birthday. I’m pretty sure that day changed the course of my life forever. I remember showing these to somebody who had asked how things were going, and telling him that these were my first film photos in over 15 years. In context, I’m pretty sure he didn’t mean to ask how things were going with me personally, but I told him anyway.

At lunch that day, I had a public conversation over Twitter with a semi-famous person who I had met in person at his concert a month prior. I’m not that into meeting famous people, but he called me an artist and I was very flattered. At the time, this felt like the best day of my life. Time will tell if it actually was, because there are days where it feels like it was quite the opposite and anybody who knows where my story goes from there: 1-probably still can’t believe it (nor can I) and 2-would probably say it was certainly not good. I still feel like it could turn out to be the best thing for me though. You can’t appreciate the good without the bad. πŸ˜‰

I wasn’t going to talk about 2019, and technically I’m not. (this all happened in 2018) I was just going to say that nothing worth noting happened this year, and I was going to wish everyone a great 2020, which is what I’ll do. Happy New Year.


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