Collecting…Sort Of

I’m trying to stay in chronological order with my editing process, but it’s become much more difficult with the addition of my 35mm photos because, one, there are no dates digitally stored anywhere, and two, I’m too disorganised to date them myself. I’m pretty sure these were next; a trip to Logan and the antique stores.

When I was younger I loved decorating, which is why I found myself managing a couple of furniture stores. I would buy damaged goods at a discount until it got to a point where I couldn’t find a place for anything anymore, so I made a rule that I couldn’t buy anything unless it had a specific place or purpose. I hate shopping and furniture stores now. I used to manage the freight team and we were responsible for merchandising all of the new product that came in. One day I looked around and thought, (or maybe I said it out loud) “nobody needs any of this shit.”

I feel differently when I go to antique stores however, but I’ve realised that just because you like it, doesn’t mean you have to possess it. Maybe that’s what my taking photos of antiques is, collecting…sort of. They aren’t usually my best photos, but good practice and it’s not the Great Salt Lake, so there is that.

I actually sold one of my antique store prints, along with one from the next set. It is my first, and possibly my last sell. 😉

This is the one that sold:

And here are the rest:


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