Let Everything Happen to You

It’s been a fun and even semi-productive weekend. Yesterday we went to see ‘JoJo Rabbit’. I think Taika Waititi is my new favorite director. He also directed “Hunt for the Wilderpeople’, which is why I was excited to see this movie. Both movies were so funny and touching. They have to be my all time favorite movies. I think they beat Wes Anderson movies only in the fact that my son can watch them with me. I won’t go into a full movie review, (look them up if you want all of that 😉 ) but I wanted to share the quote that appeared at the end.

“Let everything happen to you,

Beauty and terror

Just keep going

No feeling is final. “

Rainer Maria Rilke

Seems fitting for me in my current circumstances, and such a great end to such a great movie. Seriously, watch it.

I also went to Eureka today and wasn’t inspired, unfortunately, so we kept driving down the road a little. We happened upon the Eureka cemetery. It was pristine snow covered, and so peaceful and quiet. I know my photos don’t do it justice. I learned a few things today, that I need to have patience, and in order to have patience, I probably need to go on some of these outings alone. The sun kept going behind the clouds, making things look flat with no shadows, but I felt the pressure of people waiting for me in the car while I finish up.

Here are the photos of the cemetery and I’ll add photos of my trip to Montana from my editing last night because there aren’t very many of either.

And Montana:

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