Neil Peart <3

Neil Peart died today at the age of 67, I think he is who inspired me to want a motorcycle, after watching the wonderful documentary about RUSH called ‘Beyond the Lighted Stage.’ I highly recommend it.

I promised a while back that I’d write about my family members. Very recently, a friend inspired me to write about them again after losing my desire to post anything personal here, and the death of Neil Peart has prompted me to do so.

My two oldest brothers are 10 and 11 years older than me. I honestly never really knew them because I was the youngest and I didn’t ever feel I had anything to contribute conversation wise. I only very recently (within the last 5 years) felt comfortable talking to them. I have always looked up to them. Nathan played the guitar and Matt played the drums, particularly the drums he made in shop class in high school. They had posters of Iron Maiden and Ozzy Osbourne on their walls, rocker hairdos and checkered Vans. They were the coolest. My sister and I used to get my brothers’ RUSH concert VHS tape and sing along to it, pretending that the ends of jump ropes were microphones. I had a crush on Geddy Lee, five year olds, SMH.

My brothers’ equipment, drums and amps, were set up in the garage, and I remember them playing ‘Tom Sawyer’ and ‘YYZ.’ Our neighbours hated us and we had a little war going on with them because of the noise. Matt had a signed (I think) photo of Phil Collins on his nightstand and I’m not sure if he had superimposed his head on a photo of Neil Peart before or after he had moved out of the house. One of my favorite stories my brother tells is how he quoted lyrics on the stand at church, he’s a Mormon bishop, and when he sat down, his first counsellor asked, “did you just quote RUSH?”

I used to sit in front of Nathan in his bedroom while he played his guitar, neither of us saying a word and then suddenly he’d get a sly smile on his face and go into his usual Guns ‘n’ Roses, ‘I Used to Love Her but I Had to Kill Her’ that he’d play at Christmas just so my parents would stop asking him to play…they never did.

I know this is more of a tribute to my brothers than to Neil Peart, but RUSH has been a huge part of my life, and responsible for a lot of good memories. The members of the band seem to be great people, inspiring, and Neil Peart’s story in particular is heartbreaking. Watch their documentary if you haven’t already. Rest in peace. ❤

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