Polaroid Project

I wasn’t able to make it to Grafton but I did watch ‘Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid’ again and we went to the antique shops where I scored on some records.

I was also able to take a couple of Polaroids for my project. I wasn’t going to give explanations until the project was finished but this one is a little different. These photos are of my grandparents’ house. I actually don’t have memories of my mom being there at all, I only have old photos of her as proof that she had been there.

This is why I’m including these in my project; my mom died in May of 1986. I was going to turn 7 the next month. I was out of school for a week or so after that and when I returned, the class had made these little bottles covered in paper maché with flowers made out of colored styrofoam egg cartons, imitating tulips. These were to be given out to all of the mothers during the Mother’s Day program. My grandmother had been staying with us to help my dad and so she went to the Mother’s Day program in my mother’s place. I remember handing the flowers to her after the performance.

We would go to visit my grandparents most every Thanksgiving and my sister and I would stay most every summer. Sitting on the dresser in the guest bedroom every time we went down was this little arrangement of egg carton tulips I had given her. After my grandparents died the house was sold and their possessions were divided amongst their children. I’m sure those flowers went in the trash. I have a little flower arrangement in my bookcase as a substitute.

These photos are of the house my grandparents built. Growing up, there were no houses built behind them. They had no fence and their back yard with a little vegetable garden faced the beautiful red rocks of southern Utah. I didn’t appreciate it back then, but I think my grandparents had the right idea. Their house was very neat and modest and we had the greatest adventures there. My grandma would always send us home with a little baby jar full of red sand. (which I’m sure my parents loved)

Going back was kind of sad because it hasn’t been kept up as well as I remember and there is an entire neighborhood built behind the old house. It’s hard to say if it’ll ever be appreciated as much as my family has appreciated it, but there are a lot of good memories there.



  1. Those were some great memories. Do you remember sitting with grandma at her sewing machine sewing barbie doll clothes. That was a pain in the neck! She was so patient, So sweet she just adored us. I miss them a lot.


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