Tree of Life

A lot has changed in the last couple of months and my brother told me that I needed to write it all down because I would forget. I agree. I have forgotten some of the things that I thought were imbedded into the fabric of my being and although I feel like the experiences I’ve had lately are unforgettable, I think there might come a day that I will indeed forget.

I went to buy a gift for a friend and I came across this really beautiful and inexpensive notebook on Amazon and thought that it would be the absolute perfect gift to myself as well. 😉 This is the kind of story that I feel I need to write and I couldn’t have found anything more perfect to write it in.

I’ve been very public about my experiences, but this ‘Tree of Life’ journal seems to be the more appropriate place for it going forward. I still haven’t decided whether I was going to keep this blog after the new year, but I’ve recently been given a proposition that might give me at least another year on this thing, fingers crossed. 2020 has been very difficult, but some great things have come out of it. I can’t help but be grateful.

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