Every Good Gift and Every Perfect Gift is from Above, and Cometh Down From the Father of Lights…

James 1:17

My big goal for today was to lay in bed and read until my son came home at 2:30pm, but unfortunately as I checked my emails this morning, this was the message I received…

I don’t have time to go anywhere fun today and the cloud covering over the Great Salt Lake isn’t anything remarkable so I have decided, instead of going out to take photos, I would follow through on my commitment to post photos of my book. (and hopefully a video if I can get it to work) My cameras look sad and droopy from not being used for so long, but I’ll find my motivation soon enough.

I am only doing a few highlights as I will probably have to re-do the layout anyway. I will be replacing the Godzilla-fest photos (or G-fest as the fans call it, I like to give it a bit of clarification ;)) because I don’t want to bother with the details on all of that. I was proud of those photos because they were one of my first sets of 35mm and they actually turned out pretty well. The lighting was bad and I didn’t have a flash so I was expecting the worst. (as usual)

I will also be checking out cheaper options. I don’t expect to make any money from this, but if somebody wants one, I don’t want them to have to pay too much. I would give them out for free if I could afford to do so. My brother-in-law suggested I sell them at truck stops. I laughed at first because that was the last place I would ever imagine my photos to end up, but then I felt grateful that my photos might be appreciated by all walks of life. This started out as a hobby to get myself out of depression and to try to figure out who I was as a person. It worked for a while. I thought it did…maybe I was half right and I just needed to find the other half. I’m still working that out, but in the meantime…

My book (part of it at least):

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