In God’s Country

I went to Eureka as promised. I was a little worried driving down because my tire pressure light was on. I put air in the tires and the light turned off until midway through my drive, then it started flashing. I got to Eureka and went to the General Store to use the restroom, then started taking photos of the town. I was still worried about my tire pressure light so I went to the local mechanic shop to have them check it. I told the two mechanics, “I’m just driving through but my tire pressure light is on and I was getting a little worried about it. I was wondering if you could check that for me.” The older man ‘the boss’ as the second man referred to him, asked “What are you doing in God’s country?” I laughed and said “I’m just taking photos, I actually love it here.” The younger man started checking my tires and when he was through, I asked him “how much do I owe you.” They said it was free and offered me one of their calendars. I said “sure”…and this is what they gave me:

They had one type for male clientele and another for female. I laughed and thanked them for their hospitality.

I went to the usual places, but I decided since I needed to use up two rolls of film, that I wouldn’t take any digital photos of the cemetery this time. So for now, here are the digital. I will send the film out tomorrow and should get them back in a week or so.

3 thoughts on “In God’s Country

    They make me reflect a bit and you always make me chuckle 🤭
    💡Make them a calendar with your pictures. Next time you’re in town, take it to them.💡
    The pictures are beautiful.
    Thanks for sharing. ❤


  2. I hope I’m not intruding here today. I really enjoyed reading through your blog posts, seeing your photos again. Your writing and your photography are incredibly good. You have, as I told you some time ago, a wonderful eye for photography and also for the written word. I’m glad you’re still doing both.

    Liked by 1 person

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