120 Film

I have very specific things I like to use my 120 film for and it is usually like the couple who came up to me at the Fielding Garr Ranch on Antelope Island said, “You’re taking photos of old things using and old camera.” Yes, so it is. This set will include all the medium format from my trips to Capitol Reef last July, and my recent trip to Eureka. I was worried when I first looked at the digital uploads from the lab that they might’ve cut off the bottoms of my images while they were being scanned, fortunately it was only the preview images that were cut off.

There are a few trips included in the 35mm set: my trip to Wales, Utah, Eureka (2 trips), Capitol Reef, Delle and The Tree of Life, and a few from my favorite spot, (which won’t be included because they weren’t very good). I’ll have to split them into two or three posts.

Eureka: (yes, I love the Eureka sign in the cemetery)

And Capitol Reef:

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