A Hidden Life

My son is really into cinema. We watch probably three or four movies a week. Sometimes it’s Planet of the Apes, James Bond, Mission Impossible, or the Jason Borne series but he has gotten pretty artsy with his selections lately. He dragged me over to Barnes and Noble’s Criterion Collection 50% off sale as he has been sort of obsessing over it. Tonight we watched ‘A Hidden Life’ directed by Terrence Malick. It is such a good movie. I highly suggest it. I will not go into a movie review or anything like that but I will give you the trailer and the quote from the final scene. Beautifully done.


One thought on “A Hidden Life

  1. The trailer looks pretty good. I will have to try to find it and watch it. The trailer reminds me of a book I just found for .75 at the DI. SCORE!!!!
    I’m quite excited to read it. It’s pretty good so far. It’s only 126 pages. It’s a story about Helmuth Huebener a martyr at 17 years old.

    The Price
    (The true story of a church of Jesus Christ of LDS member who defied Hitler)

    By: Karl-Heinz Schnibbe
    Alan F. keele
    Douglas F. Tobler


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