Expectations Vs. Reality

So, I’d be lying if I were to say that it’s easy to follow the path that God is laying out for me. I go through times where I feel extreme anger and I have to talk myself down. Most of the time I have a sense of humor about my anger though. I have a playlist on Amazon music called ‘Try it B**ch’. It’s a pretty good angsty and often silly mix. Like:

I Ain’t Going Out Like That’ by Cypress Hill. https://youtu.be/q7p-ihYOG5s

‘Beat On the Brat’ by the Ramones https://youtu.be/yVDP5M0eTcM

Or a good one for dancing around the house: ‘Matador’ by Los Fabulosos Cadillacs https://youtu.be/pjPA7CXutDw

Then I find myself wondering whether the Paul McCartney or Guns N’ Roses version of ‘Live and Let Die’ is better. (I think it’s close but the GNR version might be a little better) https://youtu.be/W73SolUxE0g

It’s been really hard to know what’s acceptable in this situation. How am I supposed to be Christlike? I’m trying and I know that it is what I need to do. For however angsty or silly I get about this, I know what God is expecting of me.

In a side note, (because this is supposed to be a photography page) my friend got the prints hung up in her breakroom.

And I’m finally getting around to hanging some in my house. (Where there is very limited wall space)

One thought on “Expectations Vs. Reality

  1. I’m sending you a response to this via text. Maybe it will be helpful. It’s an email I sent to the sisters in my ward just a few minutes ago.


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