Whoa, Mind Blown…

… this article was published on my 39th birthday, which was the exact same day I gave my harasser access to me online by giving him my twitter handle. I was directed to this article from the book in currently reading.

And you still think I’m lying?

Ellen Pao on the Perverse Incentives Helping Incels Thrive at Tech Companies | WIRED


3 thoughts on “Whoa, Mind Blown…

  1. I was here maybe 3 or for times. I’m not sure. Anyway, I’m online looking for a job. I really dislike having to look for a job. It stinks.


    • I think in this case it has nothing to do with wanting anyone at all. Maybe he hates his wife and maybe harassing me makes him look cool in front of his coworkers who also hate their ex-wives, girlfriends, etc and they all subscribe to the incel beliefs. This has happened before when a woman was fired for “taking a guys phone and friending herself on Facebook.” This guy happened to go through a divorce. I think she was cheating on him and she ended up taking him for everything. I think that is certainly fuel for hating women and having the same incel ideology. I’m reading a book in which they describe incel behavior, some of them list father-daughter incest as being a right. I kid you not, I had a co worker tell me that if he wasn’t his daughters father that he would… you get the point. That place is festering.


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