God Has a Plan for You ❤

You’ve probably all heard a muddled version of this story from my “spokesman,” but I was prompted to tell you in my own words.

After the last investigation, I was thinking is that it? Can I quit now? I really hate this job, can I quit? I prayed about it and the next day I got my answer.

I had just gotten done reading ‘Bobby Kennedy: A Raging Spirit’. In it it had mentioned Bobby Kennedy calling a meeting with members of the civil rights group and some prominent public figures including the writer James Baldwin. I usually dog ear parts of the book I want to remember but instead I had written down on the back of my bookmark “James Baldwin: Go Tell it On the Mountain and The Fire Next Time.” My book mark happened to be a recognition award from my work.

I had forgotten to bring a book with me to work and since I didn’t have a phone (or maybe it was just a flip phone at the time) my breaks would have been really boring. I decided to go to Barnes and Noble on my lunch break. I knew I didn’t have much time to choose so I went directly to the buy one get one 50% off rack. On it was James Baldwin ‘The Fire Next Time’. I was thrilled. Nine pages in I got my answer.

I wrote it down in my tree of life journal.

It only made a little sense back then but because of the guidance I’m receiving it makes a whole lot more sense now. You can’t say that I’m the only person affected by the atmosphere there. Have you seen our VOA scores? They’re boasting 7 points in which they’re above company average. How many below company average? Around 35. That’s not a fluke. They gave prizes in order to get 87% of the employees to participate in the survey. Change needs to happen.

God has a plan for you. He knows you and loves you. I will keep telling you this until you either stop reading my blog or you start believing it.

Have a good night and thank you for reading.

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