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Today’s app message is about communication. I always thought I was a good communicator but this situation is tricky because any way I approach this seems to be the wrong way. I can’t be too nice and I can’t be too angry. I’m not believed no matter what I do so I just seem to go back and forth between the two.

While working in retail management for 15 years, I came to the conclusion that 10% of people are genuinely good no matter what, and 10% are jerks. The other 80% of people can go either way depending on the circumstances. I’m saying this because I know that the majority of people usually want to try to do what they think is the right thing. I know you all were trying to do the right thing. I’ve always known that and that’s why I’ve stressed the importance of being merciful. I understand that you might be as stressed out as I am and I’m sorry that you were put in this position. I really am. I grew up in a contentious home with step-siblings and all I’ve ever wanted as an adult is peace. That is something I’m afraid I can’t provide right now. I wish I could but this is something that won’t go away unless I fight it. I usually compromise and give people what they want because it’s more important to me to have peace. I can’t do that now, I’m sorry.

God will show his mercy on all of us. He knows us individually and loves us. This I know.


4 thoughts on “Today’s App Message

  1. Thanks for posting this article. This is something that I’ve been pondering lately. This confirms my thoughts.
    Most of mom’s communications to correct the things I said or to correct my behavior were done in this way. Those moments are still vivid in my mind.
    Lessons given:
    1. Don’t judge a book by its cover.
    1.2. Don’t judge – You haven’t walked in others shoes.
    1.3. Love the sinner, hate the sin.
    2. Hate is a very strong word. Be careful in using it and carrying it around.
    3. The golden rule. Being kind and to love and care for everyone.
    4. Sticks and stones may break my bones but word will never hurt me.
    5. Forgiveness.
    There are many more. However these are the ones I remember visually as a child walking home from school, talking with her. Seeing the green grass, the trees, slowly as we walked passed them. The passing off the sidewalk lines, feeling the sun and the sky above us with the sound of mom’s voice from above me. I pondered and walked with her. There is something within the makeup of our being that knows truth when we hear it.


      • She loved you soooo much, little sister!
        I think that mom’s protective nature when it came to you rubbed off on me. I could feel how much she loved you. I know (in hind-site) that day when she wanted us to look through her stuff she hoped that we would always be close and support each other. As she did with all of us. I can only imagine the faith and trust she had in our Heavenly father’s plan to know what she new was coming and to be in such peace knowing that he would take care of us. As he has. That’s why I’ve always felt like the experiences we had growing up afterwards were for our betterment and learning.

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