Just One More for Today

This one is going to make me unpopular… that was a joke because as we all know, I might be the most unpopular person in existence. 😉

I’m posting this because this one used to be a very hard one for me and one of my main reasons for falling away from the LDS church. The gay marriage debate used to make my blood boil. When I was on Facebook, I usually stayed away from politics or anything that would cause unnecessary contention…except the one time I showed my support of gay marriage. My uncle blocked me or at least unfriended me, but that was really the only backlash I received.

When I was 19 years old I was told that I either needed to pay rent or move out of my parents home. That was a no brainer for me. I moved out. I tried to go to a couple of LDS wards but nothing felt comfortable to me.

I still believed that I believed in the church and had a testimony. Then my favorite uncle came out as gay, followed shortly by my best friend. The gay community treated me way better than anyone else in my life ever treated me. (besides my awesome brothers and sisters, that is) I was fully behind gay marriage up until a couple of months ago.

Throughout this experience I’ve learned that God gives us trials and as long as you keep a personal relationship with our savior, he will help us overcome them.

Spiritual Whirlwinds https://www.churchofjesuschrist.org/study/general-conference/2014/04/spiritual-whirlwinds?lang=eng

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