So, my sister wants me to go to a concert next year and her pitch to me was “it’s in Tennessee for three days, and it’ll be Jack Johnson and bands like him. It’s only $100.” I said something like “you’d have to pay me $100 to see Jack Johnson.” I said “name me one band that I like and then I’ll go.” She told me that she doesn’t have the whole list. She then asked me who I’d pay $100 to go see. I’m getting picky these days and the band would definitely have to be somebody around in ’97 or earlier. 😉 I’m only half joking. After a lot of thought, I’m thinking Pearl Jam. I’ve never seen them and it’s one I kick myself for.

People scoff at grunge music now. Why? This song is amazing and I find myself singing it at the top of my lungs when I hear it.

Pearl Jam: Indifference

Elderly Woman Behind the Counter in a Small Town is another favorite.

I’ll bore you another time with a list of the concerts I’ve been to and why I have seen Toto twice. You read that right.

Thanks for Reading.

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