Educate yourselves, Protect Yourselves

The fun thing about being in management for 15 years is that you get to know the hiring and firing laws. The most common being attendance.

There are steps you’ve got to take: first the employee has to reach the required number of points, if you happen to use a point system.

You then give them a verbal warning. This is in writing and signed by the employee.

They have to reach the next required number of points to move to the next step which is a written warning, again, signed by the employee.

They need to then reach the next number of required points to then be given a final written warning, again signed by the employee.

They get another attendance infraction and they can then be fired.

If you haven’t started any of the steps, you have to start from the very beginning.

Documentation, documentation, documentation.

This could take months, and also in the interim, the points roll off.

Good luck. 👍

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