“One Person Can Make a Difference and Every Person Should Try”

I’m beginning my fast. I know it’s not proper to announce that you’re fasting because it’s supposed to be a personal thing. This is very personal for me, but I’m still compelled to ask for your help. If you’re like me and have always wanted to make a difference, this is your chance. I don’t want to sound dramatic but I do believe this to be the case.

I’m re-posting my blog from the other day which includes an article with instructions on how to fast.


A friend of mine offered to help organize a fast for me this coming Sunday the 29th. This was a week ago. I told her, “I’ll let you know, it might be over by then.” That was wishful thinking on my part or maybe just me being impatient.

I’m compelled to ask (all 9 of you ) to join me in fasting for a purpose this Sunday. If you’re opposed to me and think I’m wrong, you can fast for yourself. If you believe in my cause, you can fast for me personally. I get the impression that this is bigger than I realize. I believe this is an opportunity to witness the true power of our Heavenly Father.

Please join me in fasting this Sunday August 29th, and share this post with anybody who might be interested in my journey. If you’ve never fasted, I know for a fact that God will hear you, even if it’s your very first time praying.

If you need a refresher or you’ve never fasted before, I’ve attached an article on the proper way to fast.

Thank you. ❤

Want to make fasting more powerful in your life? Here are 11 steps that can help

2 thoughts on ““One Person Can Make a Difference and Every Person Should Try”

  1. My precious daughter, it is a joy to see your courage in facing this challenge. I pray for you success and the Lord’s blessings upon you. We love you


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