Today was a really good day. Believe it or not, I really like my job. I’ve never liked desk jobs.

I liked my retail jobs when they involved production of some sort. I was a General Manager at World Market in Park City and Bakersfield, CA. I didn’t like it because, to be honest, I wasn’t great at it. I was young but I was also a doer rather than a delegator. I was a freight/merchandising supervisor for a while and I realized that was my niche. I loved it. I was constantly moving. I was in charge of all the seasonal shops and if you go into the World Market in both Park City and Cottonwood Heights you can still see some of the work I had done. I set up the permanent fixtures in the kitchen and ceramics area in both stores and the bath/decor area in the Cottonwood Heights store.

I tried going to a larger company to see if opportunities were better. I worked for Home Depot as a merchandising supervisor (MET). I serviced four stores, scheduling around 100 projects a month in each store. I was also in charge of their seasonal sets and partnering with store managers in making sure they had the fixtures and product ready for our arrival. I loved that job too, unfortunately they only paid $13/hr. They offered me $15 when I left but I had already gotten my current job which was offering only slightly less than the $15 they were offering me.

My mother-in-law worked at my current company for thirty years and said they treated her well. I figured it was a good move. My first day at this job working with medical manufacturing equipment was awesome. I didn’t have to manage anybody and the machines were fascinating. I was done with any form of management job. I like figuring things out and keeping busy. I wanted to be a mechanic.

I was in the Automation program at SLCC and had a scholarship in which I only had to pay for books, but because I could tell my professor was being told about my situation at work, I dropped out. It was too stressful for me.

Today felt good, like I was excited about my job again. It sounds silly but it’s true. For a while I stopped caring. (You can hardly blame me) Yes, I’m stubborn and I am staying sort of out of spite, but it’s mostly because that was the answer I received from our Heavenly Father. Plus, I still like what I do. Nothing is resolved because the Ethics department couldn’t find anything, but I’m okay with that for the time being. I really just want to be left alone, and although I hated that everyone was reading my blog in the beginning, I’ve gotten used to it. I can communicate this way and that’s important to me.

I’ll try to keep this attitude going forward. Thanks for reading.

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