Thank You in Advance

I received a blessing a couple of months ago that said a lot of interesting things, things that confirmed premonitions I’ve already received and things that I sort of wished for deep down, but never wanted to admit it openly because I didn’t want to feel like a failure if I wasn’t successful. I never even tried which is kind of the story of my life. It is the real reason I never took my photos anywhere. A few people suggested the fair, sending them to the news station, etc. After my husband’s experience with galleries, that wasn’t a goal of mine either. The type of photograph I take isn’t the type you can usually make money out of. The photographers who are usually paid are the event photographers which I will not do. It sounds like a terrible profession to me.

I was prepared whole heartedly to remain a hobbiest. That is, until I received my blessing. It said that I will be able to sustain myself on my income from my photography alone and that I would be able to “photograph sacred places.”

It still sounded far fetched. I’m a practical person and never thought of photography as a job. Who really gets to do what they love for a living? Today the thought occurred to me, actually after WordPress sent an email about the donation button, that maybe it was possible. The email was giving instructions on how to make it a paid site. I detest asking for anything, ever, but I still get the feeling that way more than 9 people visit my site every day. Those are generally my stats, 9 or less. I wanted to test it out if you all would be willing.

I have included at the bottom of my blog page some donation buttons. I’m asking you to donate $1 just to show me how many people actually follow this. I feel like I’m mostly talking to my coworkers half the time, which there are way more than 9 of them who read this. My stats aren’t accurate.

Are you a curious as I am? Please make a donation. I will never ask this of you ever again. Thank you in advance for your help. ❤


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