This Won’t Go Away if You Ignore it

I’ll tell you this so you don’t have to hear it second hand. I tell as many employees as possible to go find a better job. Why?

-Because your leaders cover up and or encourage illegal behavior.

– They encourage bullying.

-They encourage retaliation and even put their employees at risk for directing them to participate in that behavior.

– They fail to realize that it only takes one person with a conscience to turn them in.

– They also fail to realize that I’m still pursuing this through other means and when I find the evidence I need, you will all be going down right along with my stalker. I have no control over that.

So when I say to find a better job, you probably should. Your leaders are not interested in saving you or themselves.

I’ve already given them an out and they refuse to take it. They think that if they ignore it it’ll go away.

It won’t. This is my life.

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