Have a Great Weekend

That’s really all I have to say on this matter. I was just going to leave it at yesterday’s last post but I think the “pearls before swine” thing is fitting.

I used to think that being Christlike meant to let people have their way. It does not. It sometimes means to fight injustices with the help of our Savior. As the scriptures and the song by The Byrds says “there is a time to every purpose under heaven.”

Think about your turnover rate and how many of those people might’ve made great contributions to your establishment. You’ve paid consultants to come and turn your business around, but your answer is right in front of you. You’re bullies and you can’t keep good people working for you. The good people you do have working for you know not to raise their concerns because they have families to feed. They’re complacent and it’s become so commonplace that they don’t even notice it anymore.

You foster narcissists. Not people who take selfies and post them to Instagram on a daily basis. Actual narcissists who cause problems because they have no conscience. Those are the people who run the show, not you. I was joking about it the other day that this was like a very long season of Survivor. You’ve pitted everyone against each other. They don’t want to be me and they’ll avoid it at all costs. They’ll even unknowingly break the law to avoid it.

And now you have to face the consequences.

Thank you for reading.

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