It’s the Small Things (Literally)

I just wanted to share something positive with you. I know that not everyone who reads my blog is a coworker or member of my management team, so I’m sorry to exclude the rest of you in my posts. My blog was not meant to be set up to defend myself but that’s how it’s turned out, unfortunately.

What it was actually set up for and the reason I got into photography as much as I did was to show that you can be happy while living simply. When I was doing just digital photography, my hobby only cost a half a tank of gas a week at most. (Plus the $10 a month fee from Adobe Lightroom) I was genuinely happy I thought. What was great about that hobby was that it got me out in the fresh air and what I realize now is that it let me marvel at God’s creations.

It’s a great hobby, I highly encourage it.

Speaking of simplicity, the reason I decided to write this post is because I wanted to share what my administering sister has been up to. She gave me a 12 days of Christmas gift and it’s one the sweetest things I’ve ever seen. It’s her art. She hand makes all of her cards and sends me at least one a month. Her art is my favorite. ❤

If you’re an administering sister, what you do makes a difference. It could be small, simple things but they matter.

There is much to be grateful for.

Thank you for reading.

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