You Heard it Here

I was moved to packaging today which is the only thing considered worse than the zone I’ve been working. See, at this point, I don’t even care if it was accidental, I’ll call you out.

And if you think I’d leave over that, you’re sorely mistaken. How many people have you bullied over the years? Is worth it to me to give you as much hell as I possibly can to make you think twice about doing this to another person? You bet. There’s nothing on this earth I’d rather do.

And where is Human Resources in all of this? Have you read the Google reviews under “management” for this place? I could have written the reviews myself. You know there is a problem when I’m doing human resources jobs for them.

You’re on notice and you probably should be looking for another job. And at your next job take the labor laws seriously. Keeping your job should take precedence over popularity.

Thanks for reading.

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