Sampling the Goods

So, I ordered the laptop skin from my Redbubble account and I’m pleased with it. I’m happy to sport my photo on my laptop and I may also think about getting the matching sleeve.

So, the question is, should you buy it? I’m not sure. There is a 20% mark up after Redbubble gets its share. I paid $27 for it after tax, but I’ll get the 20% back as it’s my design and I’m selling it. It’s essentially a sticker. I’m cheap so I probably wouldn’t buy it as a consumer. I might think about getting them for gifts for my family, but that’s only because it holds sentimental value for me. These are my memories.

They do look cool though. 😉(In my opinion)

So there you go, my review. I’m sure these will be selling like hotcakes now.

Thanks for reading.

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