I’ll Try Again Tomorrow

You know, that’s probably not true. I think my employer has stopped the retaliation but you can hardly blame me for thinking in those terms. What I think is that they genuinely thought they were doing the right thing this entire time, but unfortunately it wasn’t and it’s had lasting effects and consequences. It gets really frustrating when it seems like nobody is sorry, and you have to see them acting as if nothing is wrong. Everyone just seems really insincere even when they are trying hard not to be. There is all of this unspoken knowledge which nobody can talk about, and even if I bring it up, I’ll only get lied to. How can you have sincerity and trust in that environment?

I have a meeting with my boss next month and I’m supposed to bring two of my concerns. What do I say? You people have ruined my life and you refuse to acknowledge it, but otherwise I’m good. I have a feeling that if I voiced my real concerns that I’d be sent to mandatory therapy again. (Which is also why I never post The Smiths as my song of the day, mandatory therapy for sure.)

I’m really trying to have patience and be forgiving as I should be, but some days it escapes me.

I’ll try again tomorrow.

Thanks for reading.

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