How’s That For Honesty

Hopefully I’ll be able to express myself the way it’s intended. I wanted to say that I sincerely appreciate the … More

Polaroid Project

I wasn’t able to make it to Grafton but I did watch ‘Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid’ again and … More

Not What I Expected

I’m going out of town tomorrow, and I’m so excited. I’m not going anywhere special, but I might have the … More

To Whom it May Concern

I’m going to post another set of my favorite experiences taking photos. I went to the Great Salt Lake after … More

The Edge of the World

I’ve been anxious about my technical math class because math was always my favorite subject in school. I have high … More

First Rule…

As I always say, the first rule of a good photograph is being there. I was asked by a friend … More

Here’s This Instead

I think I’m ready to do my final tomorrow for my Technical Writing class. I’ve been writing proposals, instructions, résumés, … More

Neil Peart <3

Neil Peart died today at the age of 67, I think he is who inspired me to want a motorcycle, … More

Collecting…Sort Of

I’m trying to stay in chronological order with my editing process, but it’s become much more difficult with the addition … More

Time Will Tell

I will now go back a month or so before Godzilla-Fest when I first got my 35mm Pentax K1000. I … More

Godzilla-Fest Part II

The thing about film is that it’s not always in chronological order. You might end up with a roll of … More

It’s Worth it

I tried the last two times I’ve gone to the lake to get a photo of these birds, and as … More

Godzilla-Fest in 35mm

The good thing about my being a procrastinator is that I’ve gotten a lot of editing done. I think this … More

The Train to Chicago

I remember thinking this was a pretty good idea “scenes from a train”, but I think it was just okay. … More

Just Photos

I’m feeling grateful today and I’ve got a million things going through my mind right now, but nothing that I … More

My Lake (Yes, Again)

I wasn’t really serious about writing this blog being a warm-up for my technical writing assignments, but I’ve kind of … More