At Eternity’s Gate

We watched ‘At Eternity’s Gate’ this weekend. It’s a movie where Willem Dafoe plays Vincent Van Gogh. It’s a beautiful movie and it made me want to study the artist past what everyone already knows. His father was a pastor and in the movie he’s quoting the verse in Matthew 6, “consider the lilies of … More

Little Earthquakes

When I managed a World Market store, we used to play music for an hour every night after the store closed. One time my iPod played this song ‘Little Earthquakes’ by Tori Amos. When the two employees who where preparing the store for the following day came back to clock out, one of them (Kyle … More


Do you think he means to tell me that he’s going to light my house on fire? Time will tell, I guess.

Thanks for Reading

This is something I feel very strongly about and always have. This is not only applicable to church callings, it is important to every organization. This is today’s app message. Thank you for reading.


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About Me

I’m an amateur Photographer. I’ve been published in a couple of online magazines and sold a couple of my photos to somebody who inquired. I’ve also been paid to photograph a 50th anniversary party and hated every second of it. I’ve been told that is the only difference between amateur and professional Photography (being paid), so I’ll let you be the judge. 🙂 I try to only post about photography but my personal life seeps into it a lot more than I want it to.

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