Lectures of Faith

I was seeking inspiration tonight and decided I’d read the tiny print that my seminary teachers had us paste to … More

The Worth of Souls

“Remember the worth of souls is great in the sight of God” D&C 18:10 I know that I am not … More

120 Film

I have very specific things I like to use my 120 film for and it is usually like the couple … More


So, I received my email for my film order and I’ve also received the disc they download the scans onto. … More


So, we went to Logan today. My son likes to go to antique stores probably more than I do. I … More

In God’s Country

I went to Eureka as promised. I was a little worried driving down because my tire pressure light was on. … More

Today’s Reading

I read a passage today in the book, Joseph Smith’s First Vision: A Guide to Historical Accounts I never realised … More


Going back to church has been easier than I had expected. Having lived in this ward for over eleven years, … More


I went to Delle yesterday and visited my abandoned motel and old hollowed out bus. I had never visited them … More

This Year

Look what we found today! We like to plan little “adventures” around the state of Utah, but every July we … More

The Sea of Holes

My son used to watch The Yellow Submarine over and over for months at a time when he was younger, … More

Tree of Life

A lot has changed in the last couple of months and my brother told me that I needed to write … More