At Eternity’s Gate

We watched ‘At Eternity’s Gate’ this weekend. It’s a movie where Willem Dafoe plays Vincent Van Gogh. It’s a beautiful … More

Little Earthquakes

When I managed a World Market store, we used to play music for an hour every night after the store … More


Do you think he means to tell me that he’s going to light my house on fire? Time will tell, … More

Thanks for Reading

This is something I feel very strongly about and always have. This is not only applicable to church callings, it … More


In church a couple of weeks ago, my Sunday school teacher asked if anybody had gotten answers to their prayers … More


I had an office job doing clerical stuff for the engineering department at Won-Door when I was 18. That was … More


I have been trying to cut coffee out of my diet but I really struggle as to why it’s against … More


At the start of this, when I realized I was being protected and that I was receiving guidance from a … More

A Little Help

I think I might give the appearance of knowing exactly what I’m doing a lot of the time and that … More

Old Habits

After I gave some of my books out as Christmas gifts, the response wasn’t what I had expected. I could … More

Office Nook

When we moved into our house over ten years ago there were things I loved and things I hated. I … More

Googly Eyes

My favorite Saturday Night Live Sketch. 🤣

A Hidden Life

My son is really into cinema. We watch probably three or four movies a week. Sometimes it’s Planet of the … More

It’s Not You, It’s Me

I have this investigation going on at work and although I could probably name nearly everyone in the entire building, … More

Musical Influences

A while back (2 years ago?) I promised that I’d talk about my family dynamic and that I’d highlight each … More

Up Next

The next song in ‘my soundtrack’ playlist: When the Levee Breaks, by Led Zeppelin. I remember a radio station taking … More

White Privilege

My favorite part of my day is when someone inevitably tries to get me to say something hateful to be … More